Conservation Measures

The Nature Conservancy is offering this self-paced, online training curriculum on measures, which represents the assessment or third phase of the plan-do-check-adapt conservation management cycle.

The 6 self-paced courses below provides conservation practitioners with the opportunity to explore, at their own pace, the process of considering the audience and conservation context for monitoring programs, as well as reviewing the fundamentals of articulating program logic and experimental design for cost effective data collection, which we collectively refer to as “measures.”

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This course focuses on assessing how much to spend on monitoring based on risk, leverage, result confidence, and appropriate approaches.

45 minutes

This course focuses on the basics of what you need to consider while developing a monitoring program, no matter how much you plan to invest.

30 minutes

This course focuses on situation analysis or the foundation for understanding what is going on in your conservation project and what will be important to measures.
30 minutes

Measures Demystified: Developing Objectives

This course focuses on the process of developing sound objectives to further your ability to measure your conservation impact .

30 minutes

This course focuses on strategy logic and assumptions that need to be understood to determine the most important indicators to measures, how and for which audiences.

30 minutes

This module focuses on the basic or primary elements you need to take into account when developing a monitoring design for measuring conservation impact.
30 minutes