Productive Landscapes

This e-learning course on ‘productive landscapes’ aims to provide practical guidance on the application of tools and methods to support the integration of a landscape approach into policy and agricultural development planning at national and sub-national levels.

Decision-makers working towards long-term improvement of food security, environmental conservation and livelihoods in the developing world need knowledge and tools to support the choices they face in the light of multiple and sometimes conflicting demands on land and other natural resources. For example, they need to be able to identify areas where agricultural development may impact on other important ecosystem services.

In addition, decision-makers planning for development face many uncertainties about future economic, political and social conditions and climate change, even in the medium-term. Addressing these uncertainties and being able to plan for different potential futures can help inform sustainable development strategies, flexible long term planning and test the future impact of policies.

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This course provides some of the key knowledge, tools and methods that can support a more integrated approach in planning for sustainable agricultural development at national and sub-national levels and the development of more robust policies and plans in the face of future uncertainty. The course will enhance understanding of the trade-offs and synergies between agricultural production and ecosystem management through the application of tools and methods to assess these.

The course is composed of two main learning modules, with five lessons and a short informative PowerPoint presentation.