Podcasts FAQ's

ConservationTraining Podcast Series FAQ

Welcome to the ConservationTraining Podcast Series. We are so glad to have you be apart of this community.

The ConservationTraining Podcast Series was launched in November 2012. You might ask, why create a podcast series on ConservationTraining. In mid 2009, the Technology Learning Center within The Nature Conservancy created ConservationTraining. ConservationTraining is a learning website where global conservationists can go to obtain relevant, self-paced, web-based, free, conservation training.

Over the past two years, ConservationTraining has been enormously successful. The website has many courses on topics such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Climate, Protected Areas, and so on. The offered courses also include a professional development series as well. In addition, the site has been updated and upgraded over the last couple years, and now has a very engaging and informative home page.

In an effort to include smaller, concise, on demand snippets of information on a wide variety of conservation topics, ConservationTraining will also house conservation podcasts.

We hope that you will enjoy listening to the podcasts on ConservationTraining, and that you will participate in the Series as well. Thank you.