Mangroves Curriculum

Along tropical coastlines, mangroves are vital for healthy ecosystems and human communities. Despite the significance of these habitats, in the last few decades they have been extensively degraded and cleared, often in the interest of economic growth. Fortunately, such attitudes are changing and there is now increasing global appreciation for the remarkable mangrove forest.

In an effort to bring awareness to the importance of Mangroves, this curriculum was developed. There are currently six units within the Mangrove Curriculum.

The topics of the Mangrove Curriculum can be seen below.

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Unit 1 Mangrove Image

Unit 1: Introduction to Mangroves

This unit introduces you Mangroves and how they are vital for a healthy ecosystem. You will also learn about global distribution and bio-geographic patterns.

2 hours

Unit 2 Image Mangrove

Unit 2: Ecosystem Structure & Function

This unit discuses the remarkable forest ecosystem that are the home to a diverse array of species.

1 hour 20 minutes

Unit 3 Mangrove Image

Unit 3: Floral Diversity

Mangroves diversity directly benefits human well-being. In this Unit you will learn the difference between true mangroves and mangrove associates and why mangrove associated flora is important.

55 minutes

Unit 4: Faunal Biodiversity

This unit is an ebook PDF that discusses the different faunal groups and provides a guide on how to identify them.

15 minutes

Unit 5: Coming Soon!

Coming soon!


Unit 6: Mangroves and Climate Change

This unit explores the implications of climate change for mangrove ecosystems, the role of mangroves in mitigating climate change effects and strategies to help manage mangroves into the future.

2 hours

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