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Great Lakes Inform: Achieving Collaboration at Scale

ConservationTraining.org is pleased to host the Great Lakes Inform: Achieving Collaboration at Scale Course.

This three-part training explains the natural resource management processes Great Lakes Inform supports. Great Lakes Inform is a free, online platform designed to increase the efficiency of regional conservation and resource management in the Great Lakes. Great Lakes Inform is a “first-stop” shop to find, share, and access information that helps you address key Great Lakes issues.

Who should take this course?

Issue-specific collaborative groups, policy makers, resource managers, scientists, funders, and concerned citizens.

What topics are covered in the course?

The adaptive management process and how it can be carried out collaboratively.

The distinct components of information and how they are used to make informed decisions during the collaborative adaptive management (CAM) process.

The Great Lakes Inform website and how it facilitates information management and delivery to support CAM in the Great Lakes.

How do I enroll?

The course is open for enrollment to ConservationTraining.org accounts and to guest users (no ConservationTraining.org account required). Click here to view the course room.