Valuation and Mainstreaming of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

All life, including human life, depends upon biodiversity and ecosystems, and upon the goods and services they provide. Society nearly always views these benefits as ‘free,’ and does not integrate the costs and benefits of biodiversity into economic and policy frameworks. As a result, the world has experienced unprecedented loss of biodiversity around the world, undermining the very foundations of life on Earth.

By recognizing the full suite of benefits that biodiversity and ecosystems provide, and by incorporating these benefits into economic and policy frameworks, we can set a course for halting and even reversing the overwhelming loss of biodiversity we have already experienced.

The goal of this training is to provide you with an overview of the process of biodiversity valuation and mainstreaming. This training has three topic areas, seen below.

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In this topic, we provide an overview of the consequences and causes of biodiversity loss, a description of the range of ecosystem services that nature provides, and an introduction to the concept of economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

45 minutes

In this topic, we examine a range of valuation tools and methods, and learn about the different circumstances in which each tool can best be applied.

This topic begins by providing a summary of the most frequently applied methods for assessing the economic values of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and then continues with a selection of examples of how these methods have been applied in the economic valuation of various types of ecosystem services around the world.

30 minutes

In this topic, we present a step-by-step process of assessing the values of ecosystem services to society, and developing mechanisms for integrating this value into development plans and resource sectors. Case studies are provided to help illustrate the process.

30 minutes