Topic 3 Conifer Encroached Systems: Resources


Learn more about conifer encroachment by exploring key and supplemental literature listed below.

Key Literature


Supplemental Literature


Video Interviews

View the full, un-edited video responses from our interviews with Rick Miller and Jeremey Maestas.

What are habitat requirements for GRSG, and what other species are affected by conifer removal?

What are your thoughts about how managers design projects on sagebrush ecological sites versus juniper ecological sites?

What do we know about the effects of conifer removal on other wildlife species?
What do we know about the effects of conifer encroachment on GRSG?

Could you describe some examples of partnerships which have resulted in meaningful conservation success for GRSG?
What are some tools and resources from the SGI which could be useful to land managers?

How quickly do GRSG respond to conifer removal treatments? What suggestions do you have related to treatment techniques? (0:00 – 2:35); Is there value in treating phase III conifer encroachment? (2:46 – 3:27); What are considerations related to prescribed burning in conifer encroached areas? (3:39-4:51)

Describe the ecological problems caused by conifer encroachment into sagebrush ecosystems?