Conservation Tools

Find learning related to GIS, Conservation Measures, and Conservation Open Standards.

This course is aimed at zoological animal care staff, and aims to provide the skills to enter daily aquarist and keeper information into ZIMS. 

The enrollment key for the course is available to current ZIMS users, click here access the key now:

This course provides and introduction to Species360 Insights data – a view into the world’s largest collection of data on animals in human care.

Aggregated, Anonymous Data: A Species360 Insights subscription provides online access to pooled analytics from the Zoological Information Management System database, representing thousands of species, summarizing millions of records. Data included is aggregated at the species level, all individual animal and institutional holding data has been anonymized. Topics in this course include…

Husbandry Data:  Species Event History, Species Holding, Animal Age Distribution, Weight Comparison Report, Taxon Advisory Group Export, Population Overview, Global Holdings by Animal Type.

Medical Data:  Anesthesia Summaries, Drug Usage by Type, Expected Blood Test Results.

Population Data: Global Studbook Search Tool