Water Funds: Protecting Water at its Source

The Water Funds Training provides a field-tested, step-by-step curriculum for developing Water Funds. Co-developed by experts in Water Funds and adult learning, this curriculum has been iteratively refined through field tests in key geographies wherein TNC and its partners are currently developing Water Funds, including sites across Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and North America.

Learn more about past trainings: https://waterfundstoolbox.org/training-in-practice

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Welcome to the Water Funds course. This online course room provides you with self-study materials and exercises aimed at helping you learn about Water Funds and getting started with the first step – Feasibility.

Duration: 5 hours

This online course room provides you with self-study materials to learn how to design a Water Fund that serves as a regional collective action platform where stakeholders from all sectors convene, coordinate and collaborate to help improve water security through science-based systemic change.

Duration: 9 hours

As part of the global collaboration between PepsiCo and TNC to promote water security, we are proud to partner on the PepsiCo Watershed Conservation Training program. You will find unique resources to asssit you on the journey to deepen your knowledge and insight on managing water risk and promoting water security.

Available in English